My studio space is one of my favorite spaces ever. I come to shoot, I come to work. I come to think, and sometimes I come there to do yoga and meditate. But by far, my favorite thing to do there is shoot. (Obvi.) 

The space is incredible with bright high windows shining glowing northern light across the 1200 square foot space. The high ceilings are perfect for giving the illusion the space is much bigger than it is, although it's pretty darn big. 

Inside Studio 16, I have a sitting area for my clients where they can put their things down and grab a cup of coffee or a bottle of water. I have a small changing station where I provide Honest Company newborn diapers and wipes, as well as some yummy organic lollipops for those kiddos who need a little encouragement (aka bribery!). I have my work station where I set up my laptop and work when it's just me there. The rest of the studio, the bulk of it, is shooting space. 

The studio is located on the third floor of building one at 3500 Parkdale Ave, Baltimore, MD 21211. It's in Clipper Mill just a block away from Woodberry Kitchen. 

Check it out! I hope to see you there soon!

Maryland Newborn Photographer